Superior Trailers Heavy Duty Trailer Family Is Here, Ready for Tough Jobs

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We know that some jobs need a little more strength here at Superior Trailers. A regular vehicle isn’t strong enough to lift heavy loads or go over difficult surfaces. That’s where our family of heavy duty trailers comes in. We have a bunch of heavy trailers that can handle any job for you.

Our heavy duty trailers are known for being strong and flexible

These heavy-duty engines are based on our known range of domestic trailers and have all the features you’ve come to expect from Superior Trailers. Even though they look like the ones you’ve seen before, they’ve been greatly improved so they can handle the roughest working conditions.

What makes our heavy-duty trailers unique:

Built to Last

We strengthened important parts of the trailers, like the sides, chassis, drawbar, and axles, so they can handle big loads and rough roads without any problems.

Paid the most possible

We were able to maintain the trailer’s weight low while still making it able to carry as much as possible via smart manufacturing. This means you get more for your money and don’t have to make as many journeys.

Different is Key

There are a lot of different needs that our heavy duty caravan family can meet. Because trailers come with Gross Loading Weight (GLW) choices ranging from 1750 kg to 3500 kg and single or tandem axles, you’re sure to find the right one for your hauling needs.

Making Changes Is Simple

Need a specific change or an extra that you can choose to add? We’ll take care of you. Don’t be afraid to ask if your heavy duty trailer can be customized to fit your exact needs. If you have goods that aren’t round, you might want to look at our flat deck trailers.

Heavy Duty Tip Trailers: The Most Efficient Way to Haul

Our heavy duty trailer family is topped by the heavy duty tip trailer, which has the best mix of strength, longevity, and usefulness such as,

Unbeatable Tipping Power

Our biggest tip trailer can carry more than 2.5 tonnes, which means it can easily move even the heaviest loads.

Convenience of wireless

When you use the electric-hydraulic tipping option with the remote control, you can move big loads without any trouble.

Easy living at its best

There are also winch and manual-hydraulic tip trailer choices for people who would rather do things themselves.

Made to Last

These tip trailers have our signature flat-topped sides, all-welded construction, and high-quality parts, just like our other heavy-duty trailers.

Different Types for All Needs

We have single-axle and tandem-axle tip trailers in a range of sizes, with GVW choices from 1,750 kg to 3500 kg. Check out our drop-side tip trucks for tipping big, heavy loads.

Sticking to quality no matter what: features all around

Here are some of the things that make each heavy duty caravan in our family unique:

Better protection against corrosion

Hot-dipped galvanization is a process that all of our trailers go through. This gives them the best defense against the weather.

Power from Australia

We’re happy to use high-quality steel from Australia and New Zealand, which means our products will last a very long time.

First, safety

We put your safety on the road first by using New Zealand’s safest low-profile, multi-fit joint on our trailers.

German Engineering

From Germany comes the heavy-duty jack wheel, which makes it easy to move around.

Features that are useful and made to make your life easier

Simple to load and unload

Both the front and back tailgates make it easy to load and unload cargo.

Flexibility with a flat top

The 300 mm deep flat-topped trailer sides make it possible to carry a lot of different kinds of goods.

Customized storage space

You can store more things in H-frames and removable cages, depending on your needs.

Protect your load

All-around tie-down lines keep your goods safely attached while they’re being moved.

Trust That Won’t Slip

The non-slip EuroGrip hardwood deck keeps the goods from moving even when the ground is uneven.

Keep your investment safe

The heavy-duty bumper and light guard protect your trailer from small scrapes and bumps.

Heavy Duty Tip Trailers: The Best Way to Haul Things

Our heavy-duty tip trailers change the way productivity works. With an impressive tipping capacity of over 2.5 tonnes and the option of electric-hydraulic tipping with a wireless remote control, you can easily move even the largest loads.

Are you ready to take on your next moving challenge? You can look through our website to see all of Superior Trailer’s’ heavy duty trailers, or you can call our helpful staff to talk about making a trailer fit your exact needs. When you need to move something, don’t settle for less than Superior Trailers.

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